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Efrén myspace




Iván López myspace, singer, producer and composer (Evo)



Joi de Trobar myspace, Medieval Music




Yeden Myspace




Evo myspace, our Medieval Music project




Miriam Encinas myspace, percussion, recorders and fiddle (Evo)



Sofia Lambropoulou myspace, super Greek kanun player, pedigree musician from Kalamata (los Caminos de Serkeci)


Eleni Kallimopoulou myspace, director of surrealist movies, actress on gore films, kemençe player, singer and composer (los Caminos de Serkeci, yeden)

Hristos Barbas myspace, wind instruments player, composer and member of L'ham de Yeden


Kelly Thoma website, composer and Cretan lyra player



Ross Daly website, composer, multiinstrumentalist an director of the Labyrinth Music Workshop


Pedram Khavarzamini myspace tombak virtuoso from Iran (Evo, Saba)



Website of the L'Almodí Chamber Choir (its female voices collaborate with Evo in the programme dedicated to the Medieval woman composers)

Pilar Esteban website, mezzosoprano

(Capella de MInistrers)



Stelios Petrakis myspace, instrument maker, composer and virtuoso player form Crete



Marco Ambrosini myspace, crazy nyckelharpa



Siamak Aghaei website, one of the bests santoor players from Iran



Loukas Metaxas myspace, percussionist and bearako from Thessaloniki (Aman Aman, Yeden)


Diego López myspace, percussionist of L'Ham de Foc, Aman Aman, Sabir...



Balladyna z Nozem website, muse, dancer, poetess and model



Mata Mara myspace, Greek dancer




Sharmini Tharmaratnam website, Khatak dancer



Gŕtaca website (nu-metal band produced by Efrén)



La Banda del Pepo myspace



Mario Incudine website. The padrone of the 7LuasOrkestra



Eva Gómez website. Songwriter and member of the A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.



Cerimňnia de la Llum website




Dimitris kountouras webiste, recorder player and director of the Early Music group

Ex Silentio



Sedo Garcia

Hurdy-gurdy and other stringed instruments



Dimitris Rapakousios

The crazy ninja of the oud



Stelios Petrakis

High quality kopuz, Cretan lyras and laouto



Asier de Benito

Early Music stringed instruments



Tasos Theodorakis

Oud, lavta, bouzouki, lyra



Marcelo Morillo

Medieval instruments from Argentina



Jesús Reolid

Hurdy-gurdy and other stringed instruments



Marco Salerno

Renaissance and Medieval instruments



Prudencio Sáez

Three generations of classical and flamenco guitar makers from Valčncia


Vicent Ferrús

Traditional and historical instruments




Strings for Early Music instruments




The creators of the new generation picks S3 for acoustic and electric instruments made in Spain

Moncho Hernández

Indian musical instruments



Giannis Seremetis

Instruments cases




Picks made of every kind of material






Belén ballesteros

Painter Belén Ballesteros' blog



Seistron Music

Cretan music shop in Herakleion an online




Modal Music workshop in Crete (Greece) directed by Ross Daly



Non profit documentary company



Makam Hane

Turkish, Persian and Arab Music workshops in Wien


The Ship of Fools

No comment!



Music Village

Music workshop in Central Greece



Ars Antiqva

Music books, scores, strings, instruments...



Primavera en el Atlas

Constantino López (ex-L'Ham de Foc member) music studio


Mohlos Studio

Stelios Petrakis' music studio in Crete




Roots music Spanish magazine



Discos Monterey

Vinyl  records shop in Valencia




Digital newspaper (in Catalan) with articles by journalist Sŕgar Malé about Palestine


Amu Daria

Catalan association for the cultural promotion of the countries of the Silk Road and Central Asia