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Evo is a collective of Spanish musicians, widely experienced in the fields of Early and roots music (L'Ham de Foc, Els Trobadors, Ross Daly & Labyritnh, Aman Aman, Capella de Ministrers...) who have dedicated this new project exclusively to the rich European Medieval repertoire.

Their philosophy regarding the interpretation of this actually "dead" music, leads them to investigate elements found in living traditional music, both European and Eastern, which hold some ties to our Medieval past. In doing this, they employ a rich variety of resources —ornamentation, rhythms, improvisation and instrumentation— creating a living, dynamic aesthetic that brings this archaic repertoire to the audicences of our times in a fresh way.




hurdy-gurdy, lutes, psalteries, trompa marina, shofar, harp, percussions

Multiinstrumentalist, founder of L’Ham de Foc, Trio Petrakis/López/Chemirani, Aman Aman and Sabir, collaborator with many other musicians and groups in the fields of Early and roots music. (Capella de Ministrers, Maria Lafitte, Estampie, Daud Khan Ensemble, Oni Wytars, Carles Dénia, Ross Daly…). Efrén approaches the Medieval repertory by studying the various types of modal music under the tutelage of teachers from Greece, Turkey, Afghanistan and India (Ross Daly, Necati Çelik, Daud Khan, Mohammed Rahim Khusnawaz, Yurdal Tokcan, Erol Parlak, Mehmet Erenler…). His arrangements, historically based on Medieval music, imbue the selected repertory with a vibrant, dynamic character.



recorders, vielle, bendir, riq, monochord

Born in the heart of a family of musicians, Miriam was surrounded by popular music from a very early age, with groups like Els Trobadors and L’Arc en el Cel. She would later initiate her studies of the recorder, percussion and viola da gamba. Her innate musicality combines the fresh outlook of a performer brought up in an environment of traditional music with the rigour and precision of her academic training. Some of the groups she has collaborated with are: Joi de Trobar, Ross Daly & Labyrinth, Els Trobadors, L’Ham de Foc, Lidia Pujol and Ensemble l’Albera.



voice, cittern

This is the first non-rock project for this compulsively creative multi-instrumentalist and singer. His career as a performer and arranger (The X, Soledad Gimenez, Presuntos Implicados) is added to his work as a composer for film and designer. His androgynous, unusual voice of incredible range gives a distinctive quality and credibility to the Medieval repertory which is usually performed by singers with classical training.




Having studied violin and piano at the age of nineteen he discovers the viola da gamba repertoire, and especially a new way to approach music with Christian Living in the CNR of Perpignan. In 2008 leaves the Superior National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Lyon with the Higher Diploma and congratulations of the jury. He is a member of projects like "Praise of Folly" of the viol trio Chely Consort, Ensemble Charivariide Mos Azimán. He has recorded also with Marianne Muller, the ensemble Musica Nova, and Main Harmonique.




harp, citole

He studied guitar at the Conservatory "Joaquín Rodrigo" in Valencia and Early music at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam Koninklijk and Conservatorium in The Hague. Courses with Ricardo Gallen, David Russell, Manuel Barrueco, Eduardo Egüez or Hopkinson Smith, among others. He is a member of the Allegoria Ensemble. He has worked across Europe with bands like Kinderkoor Academie Nederland, COQU Ensemble, Group Ricercare, the Nederlandse Bachvereniging, Victoria Musicae, Música Trobada, Harmonia del Parnàs, Cor de Cambra l'Almodí or Amystis.



tombak, bendir, tamburello, davul, pandero de Peñaparda

Specialist in various traditional percussion instruments that plays and builds himself. He studied Arab percussion with Samir Sahabi, frame drum with masters Zohar Fresco, David Mayoral, Sergei Sapritchev and Glen Velez, Indian tabla with Shiv Shankar Ray, and Iranian tombak with Bijan Chemirani and Pedram Khavarzamini. He has applied his knowledge to numerous projects of Early and roots music: L'Ham de Foc, Ross Daly & Labyrinth, Stelios Petrakis, Evo, Aman Aman, Miquel Gil, Ana Alcaide, Sabir, La Beniterrània, Lluís Llach...



Other collaborators


recorders, bagpipes


Cretan lyra


Cretan lyra






tabla, kanjira, ghatam, bendir



 MOTZ E SO Music of the Occitan and Catalan troubadours of the 12th and 13th Centuries

Occitan poetry shone with great splendour in the 12th and 13th centuries. It represented a vast artistic and social movement which, due to the profound changes in the way relationships between man and woman were perceived, created one of the most important phenomena in the history of European civilisation. Love, in the romantic sense of the word, has not always existed – it was invented by the troubadours. The preferred literary genres included the canso – poems about courtly love, and the sirventes – moral or political satires. Other important genres were the tenso, a debate between two or more speakers of contrasting opinion; the alba where two lovers who have spent the night together are awoken by a guard; the pastorella in which a knight attempts to seduce a shepherdess; and the planh – lamenting the death of a noble or outstanding personage. Arrangement of works from Berenguer de Palou, Raimon de Miraval and Peire Cardenal among others.

ISTAMPITTA Instrumental medieval dances

Dance, a favourite pastime in the Middle Ages, clearly required some form of musical accompaniment. In 13th Century France, a copy was made of a collection known as the “Chansonnier du Roi”, in which a series of royal dances and estampies are to be found. This is the oldest known example of Western instrumental dance music. All the dances are monophonic and consist of various repeated sections or punctia. Another collection is also found in an anonymous manuscript from 14th century Tuscany, preserved in London. In it are melodies such as the Lamento di Tristan and La Rotta, or La Manfredina and La Rotta, pieces of vital importance to the development of instrumental dance music, as they are the earliest preserved evidence that a slow dance would be linked to a faster one which showed clear rhythmic and melodic coherence with the first.

 DOMINA The Feminine universe of the Middle Ages (in collaboraton with the female voices of the Almodí Chamber Choir)

In no society or time is it a neutral phenomenon or merely “natural” categorization to be born male or female. Much to the contrary, ones conditioning is moulded by the society one is the product of.
Musically speaking, we can approach the complex vision held in the Middle Ages of femininity from a variety of viewpoints. The troubadours had their image of woman as a perfect ideal and unquestionable focus of fin’amor, or as a rival in the dialectic games of the tenso or pastorella. These views are in stark contrast to those of the clergy, who saw woman as either a temptress and sinner by nature, or as the creator of life as represented in the figure of the Virgin Mary. They also contrast with the view of woman as a mere object of pleasure, seen by the Goliard authors of Carmina Burana. Of course, we can enjoy the works of Medieval female composers and poets, from the mysticism of
Hildegard von Bingen through to the sensuality of the female Troubadours Beatriz de Dia or Blanca de Castilla.



Eva (Songsurfer Records, 2013

(You can purchase this CD online in Amazon)


Evo's first album, "Eva" ( Songsurfer records , 2013) , was recorded in several in 2011 and 2012 between Valencia, Girona, Murcia and the Greek island of Crete, with the collaboration of percussionists Pedram Khavarzamini (virtuoso of the Iranian tombak ), Aleix Tobias (Coetus, Eliseo Parra, a specialist in Iberian folk percussion...), Diego Lopez on frame drums (L' Ham de Foc, Aman Aman, Miquel Gil, Estampie... ), and Catalan vielle player Pau Marcos.

"Eva" Contains 13 original Medieval pieces arranged and produced by Efrén Lopéz. He added in some cases new composed passages yo the original melodies, using the rules and aesthetics of the Medieval period with few concessions to elements coming from other traditions like Persian, Turkish, or Greek. All these songs and instrumental compositions are devoted to the female figure in one way or another: the songs of the troubadours (Jaufre Rudel, Bernat de Ventadorn, Berenguer de Palou...), two Italian istampitta's that have woman's name, Cantigas de Amigo...

The arrangements of "Eva" combine the archaic and organic tone of the instruments builded taking as a reference the iconography of the Middle Ages with the harmonization in the style of that period and a powerful sound of the highest quality, taking advantage of the benefits of today's recording techincs and the use of imaginative arrangements.


 Be m'an perdut lai
 De la iensor qu'om vei
 Per tropo fede
 Pour longue attente de merci
 Istampitta Isabella
 Lanquan li jorn
 Tant m'abelis l'amoros pessamens
 Comment que, per l'élogiance
 Bel m'es qu'ieu chant e coindei
 Domna, por vos ay chausida/Estampie royale
 Bona dona
 Istampitta Ghaetta
 Ondas do mar de Vigo



Live concert at the León Concert Hall, IV Ciclo de las Artes Escénicas y las Músicas Históricas de León (May 7, 2011)

With the collaboration of the l'Almodí Chmber Choir

Sandrine Monlezun (voice), Kelly Thomá (Cretan lyra), Etienne Gruel (percussions) and Pau Marcos (vielle)


 CSM Nº 192, Muitas vegadas (Alfonso X "el Sabio")

 CSM Nº 295, Que por al non (Alfonso X "el Sabio")

 Congaudeant catholici (Magister Albertus)

 Alleluia/Quia ergo femina (Hildegard von Bingen)

 Ondas do mar de Vigo (Martín Códax)

 Mia yrmana fremosa (Martín Códax)

 Dushe moya (anonym)

 Chestneyshuyu heruvim/Etem (anonym/Efrén López)

 Altissima luce/Laude novella (anonym)

 CSM Nº 26, Non é gran cousa (Alfonso X "el Sabio")

Live recording of the concert at the Mudéjares percussion festival (Teruel, July 29th of 2009)

With the collaboration of Pedram Khavarzamini (tombak) and Osvaldo Jorge (tabla, kanjira, bendir)


 Tant m'abelis (Folquet de Marselha/E. López)

 Lanquan li jorn (Jaufre Rudel)

 Istampitta Isabella (Anonym)

 Pour longue attente (Bernat de Ventadorn/E. López)

 Salterello (Anonym)

 Improvisation with tombak (Pedram Khavar Zamini)

 J'aim sans penser (Guillaume de Machaut)

 De la iensor qu'om vey (Berenguer de Palou/E. López)

 Improvisation with tabla (Osvaldo Jorge)



Belgium tour concerts, December of 2014


Evergem (7/12/2014)

Leopoldsburg (9/12/2014)

Heist-op-den-Berg (11/12/2014)

Dilbeek (12/12/2014)

Ondas do mar de Vigo

De la iensor qu'om vey

Bona dona

Pour longe attente de merci


Lokeren (13/12/2014)

Lokeren (13/12/2014)

Lokeren (13/12/2014)

Lokeren (13/12/2014)

Be m'an perdut lai

Bel m'es qu'ieu Domna por vos / Estampie royale Can vey la lauzeta

Live concert at the Corral de Comedias in Alcalá de Henares (April 12, 2014)

With guest musician Stelios Petrakis on Cretan lyra


Voreia monopatia De la iensor Bona dona Tant m'abelis l'amoros pessamens

Live concert at the Manresa cathedral, XV Fira Mediterrània (November 10, 2012)

With the collaboration of Pau Marcos (vielle)


Olim in armonia De la iensor Lanquan li jorn Isabella Saltarello

Wew CD Eva (trailer)

Live concert at the León Concert Hall, IV Ciclo de las Artes Escénicas y las Músicas Históricas de León (May 7, 2011)

With the collaboration of the l'Almodí Chmber Choir

Sandrine Monlezun (voice), Kelly Thomá (Cretan lyra), Etienne Gruel (percussions) and Pau Marcos (vielle)


CSM Nº 192, Muitas vegadas

CSM Nº 295, Que por al non

Congaudeant catholici


Mia yrmana fremosa

Ondas do mar de Vigo/Saltarello

Alleluia/Quia ergo femina


Dushe moya

Chestneyshuyu heruvim/Etem

Altissima luce/Laude novella CSM Nº 26, Non é gran cousa

Live concert at the Cidade de Lugo festival (Lugo, May 22, 2010)

With the collaboration of Pedram Khavarzamini (tombak)


Pour longue atente

Lanquan li jorn

El poema de Muhammad Ali


Bona dona

Domna, por vos/Danse royale


Ondas do mar de Vigo/Ghaetta

Live concert at the Mudéjares percussion festival (Teruel, July 29, 2009)

With the collaboration of Pedram Khavarzamini (tombak) and Osvaldo Jorge (tabla, kanjira, bendir)


J'aime sans penser

Lanquan li jorn

Per tropo fede

Recorders solo/Isabella


De la iensor/Tombak solo

Pour longue attente

Tant m'abelis l'amoros/Tabla solo




April, 2012 (photos: Gisela M.)






September, 2009 (photos: Gisela M.)





Evo + Stelios Petrakis at the Corral de Comedias, Alcalá de Henares, Spain (April 12th, 2014)

(photos: Simonetta Salinari)






Openning concert of the 16th Medieval Festival of Elche, October 25th, 2013)

(photo: Simonetta Salinari)



Live concert at the 15th Fira Mediterrània de Manresa (November 10th, 2012)

(photos: Paco Valiente, Joan Solé, Carles Rodriguez, Anna Brugués)


León (May 7, 2011)

Photos: Aritz Mugartegi Aretxabaleta


Elx (May 20, 2010)







Dossier (PDF)

Technical Data (PDF) Instrumentarium (PDF) Press Dossier (PDF)




Bona dona

(Evo - Eva, 2013)

Pour longue attente

(Evo - Eva, 2013)




Be m'an perdut lai

(Evo - Eva, 2013)