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During the last 15 years I was traveling around the world playing on stage with some of the most successful and innovative root and traditional musicians of both ends of the Mediterranean: Western (L'Ham de Foc, Evo, Carles Dénia, Maria del Mar Bonet, Pep Gimeno "Botifarra", Miguel Gil, Luigi Cinque, Elena Ledda...) and Eastern (Ross Daly & Labyrinth, Stelios Petrakis, Petrakis/Lopez/Chemirani Trio, Kelly Thoma, Göksel Baktagir, Zohar Fresco...). Also I was collaborating with artists from Iran (Sima Bina, Siamak Aghaei, Pedram Khavarzamini...), Afghanistan (Daud Khan Ensemble, Zohreh Jooya...) and European bands devoted to the Early Music/Roots fields (Capella de Ministrers, Oni Wytars, Al Andalus Project, Via Artis Konsort, Faun, Ex Silentio, Estampie...).

After all this time putting my experience to the service of to many music productions, recordings and concerts, perhaps now it's the time to speak with my own voice and share my vision of what music is. Although I was the founder and composer of several of the aforementioned groups, now I want to go further and to introduce my first solo project, in which I am responsible for every detail, trying to reflect my vision of how music and its business should be in my ideal world.

In order to join me in this adventure I did not chose mercenaries musicians or better-known superstars, just friends whom live music with passion, madness, commitment and dedication in the same way I do, if not more. Moreover they play wonderfully!

All six together present a program based on my instrumental compositions of the last years. All these melodies ended up drawing with accuracy the crazy and convoluted artistic and philosophical paths I undertook some time ago. Through various stages of music study in depth —Medieval, Greek, Turkish, Afghan...— besides some master teachers that today I considere my friends, this path has led me to be who I am now, defending the ideals as a musician and as a human that these compositions try to express.

At this time we are about to complete "El fill del llop" ('The son of the wolf'), the album that will bring together all of these compositions, to be released very soon. Further infos soon!





rabab, ud, fretless guitar, hurdy gurdy, bulgari, kopuz, Cretan laouto, meydan sazı, santur, nafir

Founder of the bands Evo, Petrakis/Lopez/Chemirani Trio, L'Ham de Foc, Aman Aman and collaborator in many other Early Music and Roots rojects (Ross Daly, Göksel Baktagir, Oni Wytars, Daud Khan, Sima Bina...). He approaches the Medieval and traditional repertoires through the study of Modal music with Greek, Turkish and Afghan masters (Ross Daly, Necati Çelik, Erol Parlak, Daud Khan, Mohammed Rahim Khusnawaz, Yurdal Tokcan...). He has performed at renowned festivals in Europe, North Africa, China and America, besides participating in the recording of more than 60 CDs.



vocals, bendir, square frame drum, tambourine, davul

Attracted by popular culture from an early age, she began studying singing and Iberian percussion with Vanesa Muela, Eliseo Parra and Monica Nut. Later, in the Labyrinth Centre in Crete she approaches to Bulgarian and Turkish singing techniques with Tsvetanka Varimezova and Mercan Erzincan,  percussion with Zohar Fresco and Vasilis Sariki, and modal music with Efrén López, Christos Barbas and Christos Kanellos. In 2008 she founded together with Carlos Ramirez the band Milo ke Mandariin , which has participated in some of the most important folk festivals of the Iberian Peninsula.



dilruba, vielle, cura sazı, bendir, square frame drum from Peńaparda, spoons

Born into a family of Catalan musicians, from very early age she dives into the world of Medieval and traditional music, being part of the group Els Trobadors and L'Arc en el Cel. Later she began her academic recorder studies with Sara Parés and Early Music percussion with Pedro Estevan. Some of the groups in which she had the opportunity to collaborate with, both in concerts and recordings are: Maria Laffitte & Joi de Trobar, Evo, L'Ham de FocRoss Daly & Labyrinth, Daud Khan Ensemble, Via Artis Konsort, Els Trobadors, Lídia Pujol, Ensemble Albera, and Sima Bina.



dutar, ud, bass citole, yaylı tanbur, hurdy gurdy, cura sazı, cümbüş saz, bendir

He studied classical guitar since he was 8 year old. In 2004 he moved to Crete (Greece), where got interested in the music and the culture of the island. Since then hes has traveled countless times, studying bağlama with Turkish master Erdal Erzincan, yaylı tanbur with Evgenios Voulgaris, Turkish makam theory with Ross Daly, modal music composition with Efrén López and percussion with Zohar Fresco. In 2008, he created together with Isabel Martín the duo Milo ke Mandarini, which has participated in some of the most important folk festivals of the Iberian Peninsula.



rabab, kopuz, bulgari, tanbur, cura sazı, bendir, tavil, square frame drum from Peńaparda

Barcelona 1980. He is a member of Residual Gurus, music-theater company that use percussion made of recycled materials, and. With them he is touring the world performing in the most important festivals of the scene. Self-taught musician, for some years he was studying percussion with the guidance of tutors in Cuba, Iran, India and China, while he began the study of stringed instruments such as bağlama, kopuz, Afghan rubab and tanbur in Istanbul and Crete. He has worked in some other projects such as Dusminguet, Comediants, or Neila Benbey.




He studied musicology and ethnomusicology at the Aristotelio University (Thessaloniki) and the SOAS in London. He gives workshops on ney and Modal music at the Labyrinth Centre (Crete), the University of Folk Music of Arta, and the University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki). He has collaborated with some of the greatest musicians in the field of Modal music: Ross Daly, Zohar Fresco, Murat Aydemir, Ahmet Erdogdular, L'Ham de Foc, Evgenios Voulgaris, Daud Khan, and  composed for his groups Neda, Magnanimus Trio, Tir Fada, as well as music for dance, theater and cinema.


Documentary teaser about the upcoming CD "El fill del llop"



Live at Teatre del Raval, Gandia (Spain), 2/11/2014


Plaerdemavida Yeşil ördek Abracadabra


Bourrées de la Carrasca de la Vaca Mavra froudia Vallsabollera


Samples of the new CD "El fill del llop"




 Kurtoğlu zeybeği (E. López)
 Plaerdemavida (E. López)
 Como al pie del suplicio estuve (El Lebrijano / E. López)
 O γιος του λύκου - O gios tou lykou (E. López / S. Petrakis)
 Aralık (Ferahfezâ) (E. López / M. Segal)
 اسب سنگ / Asbe sangi (E. López)
 Lo boičr - Iria (Occitan traditional / M. Encinas)
 Vallsabollera (E. López)
 Bourrées de la Carrasca de la Vaca (E. López)
 Azinhaga (E. López)
 Abracadabra (E. López)

Live concert at Teatre del Raval, Gandia, Spain, 2/11/2014


 Mavra froudia (E. López)
 Plaerdemavida (E. López)
 Vallsabollera (E. López)
 Bourrées de la Carrasca de la Vaca (E. López)
 Abracadabra (E. López)
 Yeşil ördek (Turkish traditional)





Presentation concerts, Novembre 1, 2 and 7, 2014 in Barcelona, Gandia (Spain) and Geneva (Switzerland)








Technical rider (PDF)




Plaerdemavida (main melody)

(Efrén López, El fill del llop, 2015)

Plaerdemavida (guitars)

(Efrén López, El fill del llop, 2015)



O gios tou lykou - Ο γιος του λύκου (bulgari and kopuz)

(Efrén López, El fill del llop, 2015)

Kurtoğlu Zeybeği (bağlama and kopuz)

(Efrén López, El fill del llop, 2015)



Bourrées de la Carrasca de la Vaca (hurdy gurdy)

(Efrén López, El fill del llop, 2015)

Azinhaga (llaüt and bandúrria)

(Efrén López, El fill del llop, 2015)



Asbe sangi (ney)

(Efrén López, El fill del llop, 2015)

Aralık (composition in makam Ferahfezâ)

(Efrén López, El fill del llop, 2015)



Abracadabra (ud)

(Efrén López, El fill del llop, 2015)

Vallsabollera (vielles)

(Efrén López, El fill del llop, 2015)