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Workshops 2015: June 28/July 5 (Switzerland) - July 13/18 and 20/25 (Crete) - July 27/August 1 (Spain) CLICK HERE

PROJECTS (for further information click on the pictures)


El fill del llop

I would like to share with you all here my first solo recording, on which I was working during the last years. To present it live, my new six members band of multi-instrumentalists, Abracadabra, will put on the stage my new compositions, the most of them instrumental works.



Efren’s first Medieval project, bringing together musicians from the fields of Early, Traditional and Rock music and juggling historical accuracy and contemporary interpretation to keep audience yawns at bay.


Stelios Petrakis / Efrén López / Bijan Chemirani

Joint work with these two virtuous players and composers: Cretan Stelios Petrakis (Cretan lyra, laouto) and Iranian Bijan Chemirani (zarb and other percussions). Their first CD as a trio already has started recording in Crete and it will go out in the next months, with compositions of the three musicians.


Efrén López & Michalis Kouloumis

Duo project with Cypriot violin virtuoso Michalis Kouloumis, an specialist in classical Ottoman repertoire, as well as Cypriot and Greek traditions. We already gave some concerts in Cyprus and Greece, while starting to prepare our first studio recording in 2015.


Daud Khan Ensemble

Group dedicated to the traditional Afghan repertory, under the direction of rabab and sarod virtuoso Daud Khan, who is also Efrén’s Indian and Afghan music teacher, resident in Germany.


Mentre estigues viu brila, concierto de 24 horas ininterrumpidas

Performance coordinated by the Catalonian association Mapasonor, with 24 hours of non-stop music and audiovisual with the aim of shock our awareness and challenge us with the example of the commitment and individual effort. In the present circumstances of economic crisis and values​​, we tend to get stuck in regret. This proposal claims the art and effort as pure negativity attitude: we must shine, as long as we live.


Hurdy Gurdy Solo

One electroacoustic hurdy-gurdy and a good fistful of  equalizers, loop stations, delays, flangers, phasers, wha whas and other effects are all the needed tools to put on scene the first real Efren's solo band. From ambient and psychedelic soundscapes to dense walls of sound, made with one of the most ancient/new instruments of the world.


Rabab and Afghan Music Concert

Together with his colleagues Miriam Encinas (dilruba, recorders, bendir), Ciro Montanari (tabla) and Moncho Hernández (tanpura) and the collaboration of dancer Marta Chandra, Efrén puts on the stage through this project his knowledge about Afghan Music, giving to it a personal vision, with a big respect for its traditional forms and aesthetics at the same time.


O (Electric Bajańí)

Efrén rediscovers his electric guitar after a 10-year separation! This is not a rock group however, but an experimental approach to modal music from an electric standpoint, using an instrument which is capable of reproducing the microtonal inflections of Turkish or Indian influenced music: the fretless electric guitar.


Los Caminos de Serkeci

Along the lines of the work of the band Aman Aman (see past), we present this new project dedicated to the repertory of Ottoman Sephardic Jews, with the voice of Greek singer Spyridoula Baka.


OTHER ACTIVITIES (for further information click on the pictures)


Didactic Concerts and Workshops

Didactic concerts, exhibitions of medieval and traditional instruments of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Central Asia, workshops on composition, interpretation and arrangements in modal music, sound engineering on acoustic music recording seminars...


Sound Engineering & Productions

Parallel to his work as a performer and composer, Efrén has been arranging and producing a wide variety of music for many years now. Here are just a few examples of his work.


Berklee Valencia

A collaboration with the prestigious Berklee College of Music which, apart of its well-known centre in Boston, opened a new one in Valencia (Spain) recently.


Music teaching

Music lessons (bağlama, hurdy-gurdy, rabab, oud, makam) at the Matilde Salvador Centre in Aldaia (Valencia, Spain).


OTHER PROJECTS AND COLLABORATIONS (for further information click on the pictures)



I'm invited to participate as a guest musician in the 2015 tour of this German band. Faun is one of the most successful groups in the "gothic" European scene, and we will be presenting their new release "Luna" in the principal German cities.


Ross Daly & Labyrinth Modal Ensemble

One of the most active and creative musicians of the world initiates us to his music which connects us with the natural current of ancient traditional music and the most sophisticated expectations of the contemporary listeners. Labyrinth is perhaps more a musical way of life than it is merely a group of musicians.


7 Sóis 7 Luas Orkestra Lusitŕnia

This year Efrén will be the artistic director of this official band of the 7 Sóis 7 Luas Festival. After a residence in B Brazil with musician of different nationalities, the band will be touring over the countries of its net: Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Israel...


Efrén López & Robert Cases

Unusual meeting of some of the most beautiful plucked string instruments in the world. Theorbo player Robert Cases, with his regular  Early music training put his sensibility together with the creativity of Efrén and his lutes to create a programme made of new compositions and arrangements on Baroque music, giving to those the place they deserve in our time.


Zohreh Jooya

Efrén collaborates with this Iranian-Afghan singer playing rabab and tanbur (two Afghan traditional lutes) and being a member of her Afghan Ensemble. One of the few examples of active bands playing this ancient and rich tradition in Europe.